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Smarter Mail Server Hosting - Perfect Solution For Smart Business E Mail Hosting

Smarter Mail is a very reliable and strong platform for business communication through E mails. Smarter Mail Server is a server that provides full featured service for transacting business E mails, group chats and team collaborations. It is very easy to use. It has all the features that is needed to support casual and power users alike. It has features such as:

  • Robust Webmail Interface, effective on all desktop or mobile browsers.
  • Team Collaborations, such as shared contacts, tasks, calendars, and notes etc.
  • Group Chat for instant communication in a group.
  • Mobile and Desktop synchronisation to connect to e mail clients and applications on iOS, Android, Windows phone or tablets or a Blackberry.
  • Multi language support.
  • File storage that is Cloud based, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive integration for sharing of files.
  • Total management of tasks.
  • Complete calendaring and scheduling.
  • Complete contact management.
  • Spam filtering with Antivirus protection up to enterprise level operations.

What is Smarter Mail server Hosting?

Smarter Mail server is a highly scalable E mail server that deals in transactions of business E mails. This Smarter Mail server is specially designed to meet the business mailing requirements of small businesses. It also equally serves well the enterprise level organisations. Smarter Mail Server is very effective for web hosts and ISPs that has thousands of domains, used by million of users.

The unique features of Smarter Mail Server-

  1. The Smarter Mail Server provides its users access, that is based on browser and it can be from any location in the world at any given time. The powerful webmail client provides the users access to every feature of Smarter Mail Server from anywhere in the world. It can be done by simply using the regular browser, used by the users.
  2. Smarter Mail is accessible on a desktop, a laptop, a mobile phone, a tablet, or any such device that is compatible with Smarter Mail server service. Everywhere, the user gets the same experience, irrespective of how they access the Smarter Mail.
  3. The Web mail client provides support to almost all languages, that includes support for sets of non-western characters, right to left languages and many such more.

Advantages of using Smarter Mail Server:

Smarter Mail server provides many benefits to the email needs of all business organisations. Some of these benefits are:

  • Smarter Mail server provides services such as Document Management function, to its users. It allows the users to upload documents directly into the private file spaces allotted to them. They can also then embed download links to these documents in their E mail messages. It also helps in eliminating the issues of attachment limits and provides guaranteed delivery of the mail. It also provides expiry dates for links, as an optional service.
  • It provides instant messaging service for team or group business activities. It helps in communicating with co workers from any place in the world, on any compatible device.
  • Smarter Mail server offers a user-friendly web-based interface for all system and domain administrators. They are able to access their mail servers from any location in the world. They simply have to have an internet connection for this purpose. They can maintain and configure as well as automate their recurring tasks.
  • It provides classic features for security maintenance. It prevents and counteracts any attack from outside. The antivirus advancements provide protection from breaches in security.
  • Smarter Mail server helps in providing Product Integration, Easy Migration and Collaborations for better business dealings, faster business transactions and better team activities.

Go4hosting, the leading email hosting service provider in the world, provides ultimate experience in business E mail service with Smarter Mail E Mail Server Hosting, to its clients.

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